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Monday, July 28, 2008

Mixtape Mondays and the New Site (YAY!)

Hi beautiful Hipsterettes,
So this lovely site is only about a week old (well, in actual publishing. in concept and research it is about 7 months old), but I have had the pleasure of receiving so many nice comments and finding some neat sites in the process! More on that at a later date.
I've been hard at work all weekend on a brand new hipsterette site! Yep, that's right. Got my own domain and everything. It's a big mess right now so I'm not going to make the transition just yet but look for that to happen this week. It's been a learning experience, my html is a little rusty!!
Here's a new feature I want to let you know about--mixtape mondays! Since I love nothing more in the world than some truly fantastic music, I thought this should be a regular feature.
This week's theme is fantastic, booty-shakin', electronica-ish music, all sung by badass women! I figure Monday's are pretty crappy but here's a little encouragement to get going! Play it before you get going on something tough today, or even for getting ready later this week. You will thank me. :) Side-note: be sure to check these artists out on iTunes and maybe buy some of the tunes! They are great.
So without further ado, Monday's Mixtape for your listening pleasure:


Annie said...

Awesome playlist!

The Budget Babe said...

i was just thinking about how i needed to listen to more music by female artists, and then i find this. thanks!