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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a linktastic kind of day!

- I love the bohemian-chic look that Mary Jane over at The Vintage Society is rocking. I would dress like that today if it weren't raining cats and dogs for the billionth time this month here in Beantown. I'm going to have to get one of those crowns. Image is courtesy of Mary Jane's etsy shop, which you should go check out!

- Gala Darling, one of my very favorite daily reads, has an excellent post on having a summer romance with yourself! Love the happy, self-positive feel of it. Thanks Gala!

- Tegan and Sara, the indie twin duo from Canada, are spinning in my ipod today. Check them out if you haven't already at their myspace. Their latest disc, the Con has some fab tracks, including today's fave: Like O, Like H. Quirky lyrics and funky vocal styling...who could ask for more? { Image via }

- On a side note of silly celebrity news, does anybody else think this article about Brad Pitt driving a golf cart with daughter Shiloh on his lap is kind of sensational? I remember doing this kind of thing with my uncle and father as a kid and nobody was pulling them over and calling them negligent. I don't know. Your thoughts?

- This whole "sexy furniture" thing is getting a little ridiculous. Kanye featured it on his blog, it is on the front page of Buzz Feed today. My good old feminist side doesn't like it because it seems to me another exploitation of female form. I'm not into disembodied nudity. I don't like the idea of breasts being used as storage. I get the feeling people wouldn't tolerate or appreciate use of the penis in the same regard, so what's the deal? Anyone else's thoughts? Think I am making too much noise about this issue or are my concerns valid? Tell me what you think in the comments! {Image via Kanye's blog }

- For all you career-conscious ladies, there is an excellent article on asking for a raise over at Lifehack. Make this year the year you get paid what you're worth!!

- I am obsessed with these hanging tiny little bud vases, I am going to have to invest in some for the new pad! (I am moving in September.)

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Annie said...

I bought my sister a hanging vase not long ago from It was attached to a little hemp wall hanging... very odd!